Jiangsu rongda material corrosion inspection co., LTD is specialized in product testing, identification, testing and certification services, and is currently the industry leader in third-party testing and certification services in China.

Let big with a batch of major achievements were made in the industry, professional and technical personnel to detect the industry needs to understand deeper, and has rich experience in testing, based on the principle of excellence, set up technical team in different areas for different sample analysis, experiment, by the relevant professional's most experienced senior engineers as a leader. Ensure the accuracy and rigor of each report.

Such an energetic and enterprising team of high-quality talents, in the theoretical research, equipment development, engineering testing and other fields, relying on a solid theoretical foundation and the spirit of bold innovation, has developed a series of advanced technology, strong applicability, easy to operate, stable and durable testing equipment.

Rongda team has successfully provided thousands of enterprises and owners with satisfactory technical services, and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. As a professional organization with a third-party fair scientific status, rongda has won unanimous praise and trust from customers and won public praise and trust! Dedicated, professional, efficient, think what customers want, let us have the opportunity to grow together with customers!

We are fully aware that the sea is inclusive of all rivers. At present, our company actively introduces new service projects and optimizes the original projects. In addition, we cooperate with many companies such as propaganda and logistics to provide customers with cross-industry free value-added services. Not only that, our company also actively for the customer depth customization of personalized non-standard testing solutions, to help enterprises find problems, grasp the quality of products. The development of the company needs the support of customers and peers, your satisfaction is our biggest power.

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Service enterprise, let the enterprise win the world market!

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Industrial products and consumer products third-party testing services!

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China becomes a real standard power!

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