Mulching metallography

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Mulching metallography
Detection Content

Detection Purpose: Inspection of metal organization and analysis of defects

Detection range: It is used for routine metallographic observation and photography of large workpieces in electric po

The field metallographic lamination technology is generally referred to as lamination metallography, that is, the lamination technology to obtain the microstructure and morphology of the component metal by laminating the preformed replica material with the metallographic sample. In the process of replica, the selected experimental points are first ground, polished and corroded, and then the prepared composite film material is softened with solvent to make it have certain fluidity, and then the composite film sheet is contacted with the metal surface, and the composite film material is pressurized to flow to fill the relief of the image on the grinding surface, so as to copy the metallographic image. After the completion of lamination, take the membrane back to the laboratory for observation, or spray gold on the membrane, and then observe and analyze.

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