In-situ metallography

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In-situ metallography
Detection Content

Detection Purpose: Inspect the metallographic structure and analyze its defects

Detection range: It is used for routine metallographic observation and photography of large workpieces in electric po

Metallographic analysis is a routine inspection method to evaluate the quality of metal materials according to relevant standards and regulations, and can be used to judge whether the production process of parts is perfect, which is helpful to find out the causes of defects of parts. It is an indispensable means to ensure product quality. In general, the preparation of metallographic samples should go through the following steps: sampling, inlay, polishing (rough and fine grinding) and polishing.

The on-site metallographic inspection is to select the inspection point on the workpiece directly and carry out the process of polishing & mdash; polishing & mdash; erosion on the premise of not damaging the inspection object, so as to ensure the integrity of the workpiece and observe the metallographic structure with a portable metallographic microscope.



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