Gas corrosion test

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Gas corrosion test
Detection Content

Detection Purpose: Check the gas corrosion resistance of products or metal materials

Detection range: Metal, non-metal and other materials

gas corrosion gaseous corrosionDefinition: corrosion that occurs when a metal reacts only with a gaseous etchant in the absence of any liquid phase on the metal surface.Gas corrosion test is used to determine the adaptability of products to work and store in atmospheric environment, especially for contact parts and connecting parts. The main factors that affect corrosion are temperature and humidity, corrosive components in atmosphere, etc. The severity of the test depends on the type of corrosive gas and the duration of exposure. NO2, SO2, CO2, H2S, Cl2 and other corrosive gases in the atmosphere can be simulated. Corrosion tests of single or multiple mixed gases can be carried out to accelerate corrosion of materials or products in a certain temperature and relative humidity environment to reproduce the damage degree of materials or products in a certain range of time. And similar protective layer of process quality comparison, parts, electronic components, metal materials, electrical, electronic products such as protective layer and industrial products in mixed gas corrosion capacity.

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