neutral salt spray test

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neutral salt spray test
Detection Content

Detection Purpose: Test product anti - atmospheric salt spray corrosion performance

Detection range: Metal, coating, coating, paint, varnish, auto parts and other products

NSS: Neutral Salt Spray test

Is in a specific test chamber (electroplating equipment), will contain (5 x 0. 5)% sodium chloride and salt water with pH value of 6.5 ~ 7.2 are sprayed through the spray device, and the salt spray is deposited on the test piece to be tested, and the corrosion state of its surface is observed after a certain period of time.

The temperature of the test chamber shall be at (35± 2)℃, humidity > 95%, fog reduction of 1 ~ 2mL/(h· The nozzle pressure is 78.5 ~ 137.3kPa(0.8 ~ 1.4 KGF /cm2).

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