Uniform corrosion

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Uniform corrosion
Detection Content

Detection Purpose: Check the corrosion resistance of the material

Detection range: Metal, non-metal and other materials

According to the form of corrosion, metal can be divided into overall corrosion and local corrosion two categories. Overall corrosion is the most common form of corrosion. Corrosion occurs on the whole surface of the metal in contact with the medium. Overall corrosion can be uniform corrosion or uneven corrosion. Uniform corrosion is characterized by corrosion failure occurring on the entire surface of the metal, the metal due to corrosion generally thinning. The anodic dissolution of the metal and the cathodic reduction of the depolarizing agent occur macroscopically and uniformly on the whole metal surface. The uniform meaning of uniform corrosion is compared with non-uniform corrosion or local corrosion. It is easier and more convenient to use the concept of uniform corrosion in the study of comprehensive corrosion of metals without losing the general characteristics of overall corrosion. Therefore, the discussion of overall corrosion here is limited to the scope of uniform corrosion.

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