HTC test

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HTC test
Detection Content

Detection Purpose: The ability of anti-hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen-induced cracking was tested

Detection range: Valves, flanges, oil pipelines, boilers, liquefied gas tanks and other pressure vessels, metal and o

HTC test:

HIC is the abbreviation of hydrogen-induced Cracking, translated into Chinese as “ Hydrogen induced cracking ” . The HIC that we say commonly is to point to HIC test commonly, namely hydrogen-induced cracking test.

The influence of hydrogen absorption on corrosion of steel in wet hydrogen sulfide environment depends on the performance of steel, environmental characteristics and other factors. An adverse effect on pipeline and pressure vessel steels is the generation of cracks along the rolling direction. Cracks in a plane tend to join cracks in adjacent planes, resulting in step-like cracks along the thickness. These cracks reduce the effective wall thickness until the pipeline steel or pressure vessel is in service or damaged under excessive stress.

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